Advocates Concerned with Proposals to Regulate Drone Use

The upcoming drone registration is the latest among a list of proposed rules for regulating the use of drones in the country, and drone advocates are much concerned.

Fox News has this report:
At a New York City Council hearing, one of the world’s top drone lawyers — now a vice-president for the world’s largest drone company — objected to a series of bills proposing to regulate drone use in New York City. “This is what you’re proposing to regulate. It weighs less than three pounds, about the same as the countless seagulls that fly around the city,” Brendan Schulman said. “These basically say to the world that New York City is no place for UAV technology.” – Read more at:

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An article by Andrea Castillo on says this “series of proposals from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) threatens to ground major parts of this hot industry just as it starts to take flight,” adding to say that it (FAA) has “become one of the biggest barriers to the future of drone flight.” The article cites some factors:
– The FAA failed to meet the FMRA deadlines for drone integration;
– Allowing commercial drone testing was a long-overdue step in the right direction, but the current ad hoc exemption-application process is inefficient and unbecoming;
– The small drone regulations “border on the absurd;”
– The recreational drone-registry scheme is problematic.
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With regards to the drone registration plan, one article cites some questions that pilot and attorney Jonathan Rupprecht raised in an October 19 news conference with Transportation Secretary Foxx:
“If there is a crash, do you really think you are going to find the small piece of plastic that had the ‘sharpie-drawn’ N-number on it, the mailbox number stickers, or the serial barcode sticker under the gimbal?” Rupprecht also asks just what is supposed to be registered in a field that has been driven by do-it-yourself innovation. “What is going to be considered the ‘aircraft’ for purposes of drones? The batteries, the motors, the transmitter, the flight controller? Is it only a whole aircraft? Are drone kits regulated or just fully assembled drones?” – Read more at:

Steven Cohen, president of the Drone User Group Network, appealed to media last month to get the facts prior to instilling unwarranted fear in citizens and said the group – composed of a wide swath of the community from STEM students to senior citizens and encompass all professions from tradespeople to CEOs – would appreciate being given an opportunity to demonstrate the positive uses of the drone technology.

One commercial use of drones is to provide amazing aerial photo services, and drone photography has become a fascinating hobby as well.

Meanwhile, this timely article, “What to Know Before Flying a Drone, This Season’s Must-Have Gift
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