Drone Spotted Close Over JFK Airport

Very recently, a drone sighting over a non-drone flying zone, took place – for the umpteenth time.

The crew of a British Airways plane about to land at Kennedy Airport spotted a drone Thursday, officials said. The unmanned aircraft was around five miles northeast of the runway when the crew aboard the Boeing 177 spotted it, the Federal Aviation Administration said. – Read more at:

It would have been a disaster were it not for the sighting, as the drone was being flown against the required distance, altitude and time set by the FAA, and which responsible drone users groups observe as well: no flying within 5 miles of airports, no higher than 400 feet and, flying should take place in daylight.

A DJI Phantom Drone – (not the drone mentioned in the story)

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FAA officials said the crew from British Airways Flight 177, a Boeing 777 aircraft, reported seeing the drone about 5 miles northeast of the airport, flying between 1,800 and 2,200 feet at about 5 p.m. The flight was on approach to Runway 22L at the time, the FAA said. – Read more here:

This latest drone incident only adds to the growing security scare among authorities and ordinary citizens, and fueling more anti-drone sentiment being spread by media.

One such anti-drone article, which appeared on NorthJersey.com, is β€œ Drones: New danger in the skies” by Mike Kelly, a Record columnist. In his article, Kelly describes drones as ‘a nuisance.’ Drones have become like wild geese – numerous and a nuisance, not to mention a potential danger. But geese don’t know any better. Drone owners are a different story. They should know that flying small, remote-controlled airplanes near major airports could cause an accident. These are dangerous toys. – Read more at:

Fear mongering that promotes misinformation of the dangers involved, even implying drone users as having criminal intent β€œ…the FAA assumes that the hot new “toy” for Christmas will be drones. After all, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a drone that you can use to crash into jetliners and spy on your neighbors, no?” only put the developing drone technology in bad light.

Steve Cohen, President of the Drone User Group Network, an advocacy group dedicated to safe and responsible use of UAS (Unmanned Autonomous Systems) for personal and commercial purposes, urges media to get their facts straight, dispel misinformation and promote instead the positive uses of the technology. He says drones are an educational resource that promotes learning of Physics, Engineering, Radio Frequency Theory, Systems Integration and all other manner of relevant career based opportunities. Something we desperately need in the state.The concept that hobby and consumer drones are being used for surveillance is absurd. If legislators are concerned about privacy they would be better served banning camera phones in public places and telephoto lenses on cameras.

Drones have also commercial benefit for real estate marketing and social events aerial photography services, among many other great usages.

If there is one urgent thing that needs to be done is to have stricter implementation of the existing laws governing drone use and those that deal with rogue drone operators. As James Davis, publisher of The Droneologist states, “Drones do not pose danger. Reckless, irresponsible drone pilots pose danger.”


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