Schumer Calls for Geo-Fencing in Drones

Reacting to the spate of pesky drone incidents, the latest of which was a drone crashing into the stands during the U.S. Open on Sept. 3, one lawmaker from New York is calling for the installation by drone manufacturers of geo-fencing technology.

The NY Daily News reported: Drone manufacturers should be forced to install technology that blocks users from flying near airports or major events, Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday. Schumer plans to introduce an amendment to a bill that funds the Federal Aviation Administration requiring all drones to have geo-fencing technology in part because of recent drone incidents. – Read more at:

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The above report quotes Sen. Schumer as saying, “”Our airspace in and around New York City is becoming the Wild West for drones,” Schumer said. “With these recent incidents, it’s clear that commercial drone use has gone from simply unregulated to potentially deadly.”

The amendment would also encourage the FAA to enact policies forbidding drones in other “sensitive locations,” like sporting events, parades or near the Pentagon, Schumer told The Associated Press on Saturday. “God forbid a drone was sucked into the engine of a passenger airline that was flying, it’d be a huge tragedy,” he said. “And it’s a matter of time before that happens.” – Read more at:

Drones have become a much sought gadget not only for recreational purposes, but also for community service such as search-and rescue, artistic endeavors such as in film-making, aerial photography services, as well as for a wide range of commercial purposes.

According to an article by FierceMobileIT, drone threats are very real. Not only do they pose a risk to commercial flights carrying hundreds of passengers, but they pose risks to other aircraft as well. – Read more here:

Yet, the real threats lie not in drones themselves but in the reckless, irresponsible drone users. Serious drone enthusiasts, like James Davis, of The Droneologist, more than anyone else, support the promotion of safe, responsible drone flying.


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