CA Proposes Regulations for Civilian Drones

Rampant drone incidents such as mishaps, intrusions to private properties and interference with emergency operations have raised alarms on the use of civilian drones. In response to complaints from different sectors, a number of proposed bills have been proposed by state lawmakers.

The Los Angeles City Council on Friday unanimously endorsed proposed state legislation that would regulate civilians’ use of drones, which have come under fire on such grounds as invasion of privacy and interfering with emergency responders. The council voted 14-0 to endorse a group of state Senate bills that would criminalize launching and piloting a drone that interferes with any firefighting effort, […] and to protect officials from liability if they damage or destroy the remote-controlled aircraft. – Read more at:

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An report earlier in the month said that Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) has asked the Federal Aviation Administration to “incorporate measures directed at preventing the operation of drones in a manner that interferes with first responders.” Schiff, Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas and L.A. City Council members Herb Wesson and Mitchell Englander are investigating ways to prevent the interference with firefighting efforts in Southern California. – Read more at:

Another report says that Encinitas parks and beaches could become no-flight zones for low-flying, remote-controlled aircraft. The City Council directed the city attorney Wednesday night to look into the city’s regulatory options and return with suggestions in response to a recent conflict between a drone and beachgoer at Moonlight Beach. It is the second North County city in a week to discuss drone regulation. Last week, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus proposed banning private drone use whenever a wildfire is within two miles of the city’s borders. – See more at:

There is no discounting the fact that drones have a great number of use for people’s benefit such as in aerial photography, with real estate companies or event planners adding awesome drone photography services to their businesses; farming; search-and-rescue; news-gathering; and the list goes on.

However, as one article says, it turns out gentler drones get destructive in their own ways. With prices dropping the technology has proliferated—there are now swarms of them available for under $300. The most alarming effect of this rising availability became clear in a recent announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration: aircraft pilots have reported a record 650 drone sightings in 2015 so far, up from 238 sightings for all of 2014. Seeing a drone is just a step away from hitting one, and indeed drones have interfered with aerial firefighting efforts in California, and injured bystanders elsewhere by crashing into them. – See more at:

James Davis of The Droneologist keeps reminding every drone flyers to know their limits and responsibilities. His catch-phrase, in response to those who say drones cause harm to lives and properties: “Drones do not cause harm; irresponsible drone pilots cause harm to others.”


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