What Happens When You Shoot Down a Drone

What happens when someone shoots down a drone, not his own, just like what one man did to a drone hovering over his house.

According to the report, William H. Merideth of Kentucky told police that a drone was hovering over his house, where his teen daughter (he has two) was sunbathing. So he pulled out his gun and gave it a merry death. For doing so, Merideth was arrested for wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. There is, apparently, a local ordinance that says you can’t shoot a gun off in the city, but the police charged him under a Kentucky Revised Statute. – Read more at:

So can someone shoot down an unwelcome drone flying over one’s property? A Yahoo article says:

The answer is probably not. For one thing, the Federal Aviation Administration considers a drone to be a civil aircraft, and there’s a law that makes it a federal crime to destroy an aircraft. The penalty is pretty steep, too — up to 20 years in the slammer.

And even with one’s rights to privacy and property, shooting the drone isn’t a course of action you can legally pursue, according to Zachary Ludens, a lawyer who specializes in aviation and drone law for the firm Carlton Fields Jorden Burt in Miami, the article continues to say.

Drone Aerial Shot of a Real Estate Property

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One course of action is to notify the owner or operator of the drone, Ludens suggests. If the drone operator continues to trespass, perhaps it is time to file for a legal action against that person.

Thus, next time a drone flies over your property, say a drone used for a real estate marketing firm’s aerial photography services, be a little patient, its drone operator may just be taking his own sweet time maneuvering his drone to where it should really fly. Read more here:


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