Patented Flying Drone Turns into Submarine

Boeing has gotten a patent for its flying drone that can turn into a submarine, which can then be used for data gathering.

It was in the month of April this year, when United States Patent and Trademark Office had approved Boeing’s Nathan Hiller’s patent application for a “Rapid deployment air and water vehicle”. “Rapid deployment air and water vehicle” just means a remotely operated flying drone that can transform into a submarine and be on a secret mission helping the Navy and Air Force to get the required data. – Read more at:

According to Boeing, the patented craft could be carried into the deployment area by a host aircraft. The remotely piloted drone would then detach from the carrier aircraft and fly on its own. When required, the drone would then dive into the water. To reduce weight and to optimize the drone’s hydrodynamic properties, the craft would then shed its wings and propellers using explosive bolts and water-soluble glue. – Read more at:


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Surely this drone is not meant for hobbyists and even for aerial photographers in real estate marketing, or events planning, who use drones for their uav aerial photography services.

The US Navy is also reported as having this idea of a drone that can transform into a submarine. A report earlier in April says:

The Naval Research Laboratory has been working on just such a drone in an attempt to offer the capability to spy on enemy submarines. So why wouldn’t you just create a submarine drone? Speed. Moving through water is much slower than flying through the air. By allowing a submarine to fly, it becomes a much more agile, and therefore useful spy craft. –
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