Human Torch Drone Lights Up the Sky

In a brief video clip that leaves one with mouth agape, a human-shaped drone bursts in flames as it flies into the air and lights up the sky. The human torch drone stunt is part of a promotion for the movie, Fantastic Four, a 2015 rebooted film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name.

Thinkmodo, a viral video agency, created a human-looking drone that burst in flames to emulate the Fantastic Four super hero. The drone was then filmed flying through the sky in flames to promote the upcoming reboot of the Marvel comic starring Kata Mara, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan ÔÇö who is playing the Human Torch. – Read more:

Watch the superb stunt in the video below:

The idea for the stunt came from a previous video from Thinkmodo, “Flying People in New York City.”┬áThe original video, which Krivicka said was one the agency’s most successful viral video campaigns, promoted Fantastic Four director Josh Trank’s first feature film, Chronicle. But Thinkmodo needed to take its most recent stunt to the next level, and in just five weeks, added fire into the equation. – Read more at:

Such creative act may lure some eager beaver drone pilots to replicate the feat, but they should be forewarned it is perilous to attempt so.

In fact, the making of it required detailed planning, and had to be shot at Nassau County’s Fire Service Academy with 10 firefighters on hand in case things got nasty, […] “It┬á took a lot of testing because we had to find the right material to do it with,”┬áThinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka┬átold Adweek.┬á“A special pyro technician had to figure out how to coat the aircraft so it burns in a way that the human shape reads well (instead of it looking like a big flaming ball).”┬á – Read more here:

Beyond the realm of wars, drones have captivated the fascination, as well as apprehension, of many in the civilian world, such as its use for aerial photography services, in search-and-rescue operations, and agriculture, among other applications.

The Human Torch Drone

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