Drones Bring Fun, Hilarious Fun

Hobby drones bring not only pure fun, for the sheer enjoyment of flying a drone, or for using such gadgets for one’s budding aerial photography services. Drones bring as much hilarious fun as well, such as some of these funny moments.

A man flying his camera drone over a pier at a San Diego beach recorded the moment a skilled fisherman cast his line and hooked the device. The video, uploaded to YouTube by Tice Ledbetter, begins with the drone flying near a pier on San Diego’s Pacific Beach Thursday when the aircraft catches the attention of a fisherman. – Read more at:

Watch the funny video below:

Last year, a kangaroo was reported to have knocked a flying drone to the ground.  According to the report, a privacy-loving kangaroo did not take kindly to a drone sent to observe its mob in Australia’s Hunter Valley recently – delivering a blow with its left paw that sent the flying robot tumbling to the ground. – Read more here:

Watch the hilarious video below:

Then there was a funny little 30-second blooper reel drone shot by aerial photographer Daniel Peckham. While capturing some beautiful footage of the sun over the Pacific Ocean, Peckham’s “epic” shot came to a surprising and abrupt end. – Read more:

Watch the blooper video below:


Wouldn’t it be nice if drone incidents like these provide safe, comic relief from the stresses of the daily grind, instead of the more annoying mishaps that have been happening lately.

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