Drone News Roundup

Here are some of the recent drone headlines this week.

1. Pilot flying into Sky Harbor spots nearby drone – Another near-collision between a commercial plane and a drone recently took place. An American Airlines flight descended toward Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport alongside an unwelcome and potentially dangerous visitor on Sunday night, according to the Phoenix Police Department.Read more here:

2. Ohio prison yard free-for-all after drone drops drugs – Taking advantage of the ubiquitousness of drones, those with malice-intent have found a way to carry on with their activities using drones. Ohio prisons have had incidents with drones hovering over their yards before. But the most recent one saw the unmanned aerial vehicle become a high-flying drug mule. Officers rushed into the north yard of Mansfield Correctional Institution in Mansfield, Ohio, last week after noticing 75 inmates gathering… – Read more at:

3. DJI Announces A New, Easy-To-Use Camera Drone, The Phantom 3 Standard – This is about the latest drone product offering from one of the most popular drone makers in the world, a friendly-user drone. DJI has just announced a new camera drone, the Phantom 3 Standard, an oddly-named quadcopter that features a built-in HD video camera, 25 minutes of flight time on one charge, and a special follow mode that lets your drone become a flying stalker cam. – Read more at:

Phantom 3 Standard

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4. Feds approve 1,000 applications for drone flights – The FAA is said to have granted numerous applications for the use of drones, including those to be used for drone photography services in real estate. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved 1,000 applications for nonmilitary drone flights. The exemptions were granted this week under a section of federal law that allows the Transportation Department to wave requirements for FAA approval for drone flights that are operated outside of restricted airspace and below 200 feet. – Read more:

5. Drone ban for Minnesota high school postseason sports – While different sectors have now come to acknowledge, appreciate and apply the benefits of using drones, there are those who are still concerned about safety especially for their students, so they put up a drone ban policy. With the fall sports season just around the corner, the Minnesota State High School League says its biggest concern is student-athlete and fan safety. That’s why the league is banning the flying of camera-equipped drones at all of its post-season tournaments. – Read more at


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