Woman Gets Knocked Out By Drone

A woman recently became the latest victim of a wayward drone said to be flown by a ” bumbling pilot” who is now the subject of a police search.

A falling drone knocked a woman unconscious on Sunday during a Pride parade in Seattle, authorities said. The 18-by-18 inch aircraft crashed into a building and plummeted into the crowd, smacking the 25-year-old woman in the head, police said. – Read more here:

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Some of the woman’s friends apparently located the drone and turned it over to police, who described it as retailing for “about $1,200” and weighing “about two pounds.” Those bystanders also handed over photographs of a man believed to be the drone’s pilot. – Read more here:

This latest drone incident as well as several others call for greater responsibility in drone flying. Drone pilots should at all times be mindful of how, where, when they fly their drones.

Especially for beginner drone flyers, being educated on the FAA laws, rules  regulations and tips provided by drone groups on how to handle their flying gadgets is a must.

Drones are indeed fun to use and economically advantageous as well like for professional photographers interested in using drones for their aerial photography services. Here in this link, one can find some useful tips for responsible flying and ethical flying.

The FAA has a website dedicated to its campaign of promoting responsible, safe flying,  Know Before You Fly and this is a good resource for each and every drone pilot to peruse.

It should be understood drones are not the problem at all, as James Davis of The Droneologist, staunch advocate for responsible, safe flying said in response to this latest mishap, “Drones don’t crash into people … irresponsible drone pilots crash drones into people.”


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