Hobby Drones Pose Risk to Firefighters

Hobby drones continue to grow in popularity, but so does the risk they pose when flown by amateurs who still lack skills, or by flyers who cannot seem to follow safety rules as to how, where and when they can fly.

According to The Sacramento Bee, these hobby drones pose danger for firefighters.

The rising use of recreational drones has created a dangerous situation for firefighters who say the small unmanned aerial devices are hampering their ability to stop forest fires.

In the past month alone, four drone incursions have halted firefighting activity in California, according to Shawna Legarza director of fire and aviation for the U.S. Forest Service.

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Because of this, lawmakers are said to be calling for higher penalties for drone incursions.

A Parrot BeBop Drone

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Scott Churchill owns Scott’s Helicopters, said one of his pilots came within 200 yards of a drone while she treated a swamp below for mosquitoes near Flying Cloud Airport. The helicopter had to take some evasive action. The police couldn’t find the operator of the quadcopter. It’s a typical story these days; pilots are finding more drones in the sky. – Read more here:

Again, let us take it from James Davis, publisher of The Droneologist, “Drones do not endanger other aircraft; it’s irresponsible, reckless drone flyers who do. These drone operators put the consumer drone industry in bad light.”

That is the problem with a few rotten eggs, they spoil the rest in the basket. Drones are without doubt fun and beneficial as well. They are great tools for photography enthusiasts, especially for drone professionals who wish to provide innovative drone photography services.


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