Gun-Firing Drone Video Raises Grave Concerns

The FAA is investigating the viral video of a gun-firing drone that has caught the attention of many concerned quarters, and raised grave concerns. Consumer drones are mostly for use as hobby or toy gadgets, but they are now getting more and more beneficial for a wide array of  commercial applications, such as in farming, search-and-rescue, real estate marketing aerial photography services, among many others .

An 18-year-old mechanical engineering student has attracted the attention of over 2 million viewers when he uploaded a video on YouTube showing a handgun mounted on a multirotor firing shots even without a human being pulling the trigger. The video has also attracted the attention of the US government, particularly the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which said it will launch a probe on the viral video. – Read more at:

The 14-second video called “Flying Gun”, which has been viewed nearly two million times, has sparked fresh debate about the still largely unregulated world of civilian drones in the United States. The footage shows a homemade multi-rotor hovering off the ground, buzzing furiously and firing a semiautomatic handgun four times at an unseen target. – Read more here:


A later report by CNN says that the handgun used in the drone video seems to be legal, but FAA will probe further.

The gun drone in Connecticut appears to have been fired on private property and — so far, authorities said — it did not appear any laws were broken. There were no complaints from neighbors until after the “Flying Gun” video went viral with almost 2 million views as of Tuesday, authorities said. “It appears to be a case of technology surpassing current legislation,” police in Clinton, Connecticut, said. – Read more at:


Gun-Firing Drone

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