Commercial Drones Taking Off Now

At long last, drones can now be flown for the money not simply for fun. Reports say that commercial drones are taking off to the skies with the granting of approval from the FAA.

At least 10 Iowa businesses are now authorized to use drones, so the unmanned aircraft may become more common in the state. – Read more here

DJI Phantom 2 Vision

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According to the report, some of the commercial drones will be used for agriculture, one of Iowa’s main industries, and some will be for real estate marketing – among other industries – whereby using drones for great aerial photography services will indeed boost promotion and sales of properties.

While agriculture is looking at drones for data, real estate is looking at the vehicles as a way to promote their properties.”I just think it’s a good marketing tool,” said Seth Hellinga, a Realtor with Klaassen Realty in Ocheyedan. “I would foresee more Realtors probably pursuing their exemption in order to better serve their clients.” –  Read more here
In Nevada, last month, a real estate broker was also granted permission to use a drone for his business. Real estate broker Jeff Galindo wants to spruce up such marketing pitches — with the help of a drone. Galindo, of Simply Vegas, obtained Federal Aviation Administration approval in mid-April to use a small, unmanned aircraft system for commercial purposes. – Read more here:

Not only will drones be lucrative for their users, but for makers as well. As the largest American maker of consumer drones, 3D Robotics Inc. sees big opportunities in selling mini-helicopters with cameras, sensors and whirling propellers that buzz like angry hornets.[…] 3D Robotics is out in front of dozens of California companies jumping into the nascent business of selling drones to consumers and commercial enterprises… – Read more:


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