Aeryon Labs Flying High with Export Drones

While most drone makers focus on the usual in-demand toy or hobby drones, a Canadian drone maker company, Aeryon Labs, charters an unbeaten course: making drones for export for purposes beyond the recreational or the uav aerial photography servicesAnd in the process has earned for itself an award-winning reputation.

A story run by HSBC Global Connections says:

Fast growth based on overseas sales helped earn eight-year-old Aeryon Labs the Ontario, Canada Exporter of the Year award. Small drones made by Aeryon Labs are used in some parts of the world to count sea lions, all the better to gauge the health of the ecosystems the creatures inhabit.

The company’s drones have several more usages and are in demand around the world – With customers all over the globe, potential applications for Aeryon’s drones seem limitless – according to the article. And the reason for this: Strong export practices […]Eight years after launching, Aeryon Labs has exports to thank for the bulk of its success. – Read more at:

Aeryon UAV

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The same article also says that Aeryon Labs puts to great advantage the power of exports to super-charge its business by the following measures:

  • Identify export opportunities
  • Seek domestic resources
  • Acclimate to each culture
  • Be persistent

The company’s performance has shown its export strategies are indeed effective, and according to another article, since its first sale in 2009, Aeryon has carved out an impressive presence in the global UAV market…Aeryon eschews the exploding hobbyist market; many of its customers are surveyors or industrial users, who use the drones to conduct tower, stack or pipeline inspections. And then there’s the agricultural market. – Read more at:


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