FAA Collaborates with Drone Private Sector

FAA is said to be changing its attitude towards how it regulates the use of drones as it now seeks to collaborate with the drone private sector.

In a post published by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, it is noted that while a few months back, the business community was worried about FAA’s overly restrictive stance towards the commercial use of drones,  Today, however, the FAA is an evident partner with the private sector, and it is accelerating how businesses are putting drones to work.

“Honestly in the last two to three weeks, things have made a dramatic change,” said Dave Vos, the head of Google’s drone delivery program, in a recent speech cited by the Wall Street Journal. “Three to four months ago, we were a little bit concerned about how much progress we could make here in the U.S., but … what we’re seeing today is significant opportunity to work here in the U.S. with the FAA.”

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As stated in the post mentioned above, one evidence of the FAA’s more collaborative stance today is its announcement of a  partnership with industry to research the future of UAS operations, including the all-important beyond-line-of-sight operation.

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For the moment, based on its existing regulations, hobby drones should be flown only within the line of sight of its operator; thus this precludes the flying of drones for real estate marketing or for any commercial drone photography services , which have been noted to have huge economic potential.

Another story last month reported on some academic institutions that form part of FAA’s Center of Excellence for Unmmaned Aircraft Systems. The team of leading UAS and aviation universities and industry partners, led by Mississippi State University and its Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE), will focus on research, education and training in areas critical to safe and successful integration of UAS into the nation’s airspace. ASSURE will form teams between its member universities, government agencies and industry partners to address both government and commercial UAS challenges. – Read more here:


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