Boeing Patents Forever Flying Drones

The dawn of forever flying drones looms on the horizon, distant though it may be, with the recent granting of a patent to Boeing, which will enable it to build drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, that will keep to the skies for as long as it can.

The patent – filed in March 2013 and approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office last week – could revolutionize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as we know them, foregoing the need to refuel or recharge on land. According to the patent, the electrically-powered drone would have a retractable tether cable that would connect to a power source. When the drone was fully charged, it would automatically fly off to continue its task, and another UAV could then take its place at the charging station.  – Read more here:

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Depending on the specific application of the drone, the tether can be connected to a variety of sources including land- and ocean-based power supplies. The tether can even be connected to moving vehicles, allowing the drone to charge while flying. – Read more here:

Whether Boeing will indeed build such forever flying drones is still uncertain, and if so, it could provide partnership with real estate marketing companies who are eager to add drone photography services in marketing their array of properties, if and when the FAA would approve commercial drones to take off.

One article sounds a bit wary though about Boeing’s projected autonomous drones, saying that while it may have some good uses, like giving wifi or other communications signals to remote areas, […] A future with pre-programmed automated flying drones which do not require to land except for maintenance could result in a dismal imaginary reality for humanity if handled by the military industrial complex. – Read more here:

What do you think, dear readers, of drones that will forever stay up in the skies? Share your thoughts with us.


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