1st Drone Deliveries Coming Soon

It is a dream come true for drone deliveries when they become official, and they are coming soon to the US skies.

Australian commercial drone startup Flirtey, in partnership with NASA and Virginia Tech, will be the first company to demonstrate commercial drone deliveries in the US. Two unmanned aircraft will deliver up to 24 packages of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, weighing around 4.5kg total, to a remote free clinic on July 17 in Wise, Virginia.The shipments will be the first-ever Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved commercial drone deliveries. – Read more here:

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The vision at Flirtey has always been to transform four key industries through the use of drone technology: Humanitarian, Online Retail, Food and Courier Delivery, an article on Startup.net says.

The July 17 event is touted as a “Kitty Hawk” moment for the drone industry, the aforementioned article continues:

“This is a Kitty Hawk moment not just for Flirtey, but for the entire industry,” said Flirtey Co-Founder and CEO Matt Sweeny. “Proving that unmanned aircraft can deliver life-saving medicines is an important step toward a future where unmanned aircraft make routine autonomous deliveries of your every day purchases.”This is the first time that America will be able to view how delivery drones can have a real-world impact in important industries like health, where urgent care can be provided more quickly.”

As with any new technology, there are people wary or pessimistic of the consequences of having delivery drones fly freely. They see drones for delivery cluttering up the sky, adding to noise pollution, and posing a danger when (not if) they crash. Some concerns are about potential loss of jobs for couriers, or disruption in supply chain due to mischief.

Yet there are those who view delivery drones for medical care a great use in disaster areas where essential meds and water could be droned in by big volumes, leaving the real helicopters to airlift out casualties, for example. They hope whatever risks there may be will be outweighed by the enormous potential benefits of drone deliveries.

Those in the business of providing great aerial photography services are awaiting FAA’s approval for the commercial use of drones. For the moment, a limited number of companies have been granted permission following their application.


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