Plane and Drone Nearly Collide Over NY Park

Another scary incident involving a hobby drone recently took place when a passenger plane and a drone nearly collided over New York’s Prospect Park.

A passenger jet narrowly avoided colliding with a drone in the air near Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Friday morning, sources said. Shuttle America flight 2708 was heading toward LaGuardia Airport from Washington, D.C., when the unmanned drone showed up in its flight path, the source said. – Read more here:

A Hobby Drone

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The pilot of the commercial plane should be commended for his quick action by moving 200 feet upwards in order to avoid hitting the erring drone, according to the report above.

The drone was reportedly operating in the area near Prospect Park in Brooklyn at an altitude of 2,700 feet. The FAA said it would investigate the near-collision, but didn’t provide any information on who was operating the drone. – Read more here:

Hobby drones are allowed to fly by the FAA without much restrictions, but their operators must follow the safety guidelines and rule set for them: strictly no flying over 400 feet, among others.

Clearly, that drone pilot violated this height limit, needlessly putting people’s lives and property almost at grave risk, including the future of consumer drones. Presently, the FAA allows only a limited number of commercial drones, including some that can be used for aerial photography services.

The Droneologist, through its publisher James Davis, strongly condemns this latest drone incident as an irresponsible, reckless, and impudent act of its operator: “Drones do not invade commercial airspace; it is Irresponsible people who do!”

Despite repeated warnings, and safety training programs for amateur drone flyers available, incidents like this continue to happen. It is hoped that no tragic event will have to occur before flying safely makes sense for careless drone pilots.

What do you think should be done to erring drone pilots? Do share your thoughts below.


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