Making the Best of Drones in Real Estate

A recent headline on The Boston Globe reads, “Real estate drones: ready for takeoff.” Sure, but it may actually be long before FAA’s official go signal for commercial drones, including real estate drones to take flight.

According to that news article, a real estate broker, Jonathan de Araujo, was hired to sell a property on Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford, and he created a sales video, he included aerial images shot by a remotely controlled drone aircraft. “It really shows the area,” de Araujo said. “The clients love it.”

But the Federal Aviation Administration might not be quite so happy. The agency allows hobbyists to fly their drones, but any commercial use is banned unless the operator gets an exemption. De Araujo hasn’t gotten around to it yet — “I need to look into it,” he said — so technically he’s on the wrong side of the law. – Read more here:
He is among “a small but growing group of Bay State real estate agents are turning to drones to showcase properties that are for sale, saying the technology gives buyers a unique perspective and is a boon for business,” a report by Boston Herald says.

Indeed, the drone technology offers real estate marketers a unique and captivating way of presenting properties to their clients, as noted in an earlier article here on The Droneologist, Drone Photography for Real Estate Marketing a Better Choice.

Real Estate Property as Taken by a Drone

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The same holds true for any aerial photography services using drones.

However, despite the best that drones can offer for aerial photography, there is still the pending FAA approval that as mentioned above, may be long in coming, for only hobby drones are allowed freely for now.

In another news, it is said drone photography in real estate marketing is catching up too in Australia, where drones can be used for commercial purposes; hence aerial photography prices are reasonably competitive.

Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming all the rage in real estate marketing, offering aerial shots and different angles of large acreages, developments and beachfront property, for cheaper than traditional air photography. […] The use of UAVs is on the rise in Australia, for both recreational and commercial users. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) numbers show there are 220 commercial users in Australia, up from 34 in 2013. – Read more here:


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