FAA Clarification On Drone Use for Newsgathering

A recently released memo by the FAA seeks to clarify issues on whether drones may be used for news-gathering purposes, as this caused confusion in the recent months, news say. The FAA memo is said to address three issues regarding the use of  unmanned aircraft for newsgathering:

  • whether it is okay for media outlets to use drones for gathering news
  • whether it is okay for members of media outlets to use data gathered from drone operators who are not connected with media at all, and
  • whether a person who sells his/her data taken from a drone needs to secure authorization for this.

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Photography Drone

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The use of drones in media is another great potential use for TV stations and other news media because of the dramatic footage that drones can take providing a bird’s eye-view of any newsworthy scenes. In March, CNN announced that it has achieved a breakthrough in newsgathering by airing what a CNN spokesperson calls “the first-ever FAA-authorized use of UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone] video for news-gathering,” Multichannel News reports. – Read more here:

Using drones for commercial uav aerial photography services is largely restricted so far, courtesy of  Section 333 Exemption of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act . According to the restrictions, if a person moves away from the barrier, the drone operation must immediately cease. Clearly these restrictions would preclude use of a drone for newsgathering by media companies and professional photographers. – Read more here:


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