Drone Flown onto White House Lawn Again

The White House encountered another security breach after what looked like a hobby drone was flown onto its lawn again. A similar incident took place in January this year, it will be recalled.

The New York Daily News reported that the White House was locked down and a man detained by the Secret Service after he tried to fly a drone near the president’s home. The man tried to fly a remote-controlled aerial device over the White House fence, lifting off from a park north of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Thursday afternoon. The man was arrested, a source told the Associated Press. – Read more here:

The craft was flown 100 feet above Lafayette Park near the White House, Secret Service officials said in a statement. The man was instructed to land the craft in the park. “As a precaution, the small (craft) was swept and declared safe by the Metropolitan Police Department,” the statement continued. “The individual was turned over to the custody of the U.S. Park Police.” – Read more at:

Parrot BeBop Drone

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At the time of the incident, President Obama was at Camp David in Maryland for a summit with Gulf Nation leaders, according to reports.

Drone hobbyists and professional drone operators should by now know that the airspace around the nation’s capital is more restricted than in any other part of the country. It is illegal to fly drones in the Washington DC area without specific approval, –
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Many consumer drone users are fascinated with flying drones for aerial photography services as hobby or for commercial purposes to some extent. However, just like many serious enthusiasts, any drone operator must abide with the existing FAA regulations covering small unmanned aerial vehicles.

Consumer drones are a great tool nowadays for capturing breathtaking aerial footage, a big boost indeed for aerial photo services, that has great economic potential once FAA gives full rein to small drone operators.

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