Drone Apps Enrich Drone Usages

Everyone is aware of how apps add to the functionality of today’s mobile gadgets such as smartphones and gadgets, and consumer drones are no different. Many of the present generation of personal and professional drones are or can be equipped with drone apps as well in order to enrich their usages.

First, what are apps in general?  According to an article by Webwise,

“‘App’ is short for ‘application’ – which is another name for a computer program.[…]Apps can let your phone or tablet do almost anything that the programmers can imagine, within the technical limitations of the device. This means that you can turn your phone into a remote control for a toy helicopter, your tablet into a turbo-charged drawing pad, and much else besides.”

Thus, drone apps likewise increase the functionality of drones, depending on the purpose they are designed to serve.


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Just take a look at this life-saving drones.

“...a pilot project underway at beaches in Chile is considering using the unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver lifesavers to swimmers in distress – all in a rapid 30 seconds.

The drones in the pilot program can fly about three-quarters of a mile and have GPS for navigation to accurately drop a lifesaver near a victim. The 30-second timeframe is important because someone drowning can struggle on the surface for 20 to 60 seconds before submersion occurs.” – Read more here:

Why are drone apps needed?  This interesting article provides some well-researched ideas on why drones need apps as well. A relevant part of that article reads: “…the apps being created are often remote controls … or are the entire controls for the device; and second, app developers love jumping on new bandwagons and these new device classes are perfect for creating new apps, partly because apps are essential to control the devices, and partly because they can create amazing new experiences including gamification, business tools and entertainment in conjunction with the devices.

Here are some other existing drone apps in the market:

a. Tower, by 3DRTower is suited to first-time pilots as well as experts. As with DroidPlanner, you don’t need to know how to fly a drone in order to fly our drones: Create flights by simply drawing paths on your tablet or by dropping waypoints. The app also provides transmitter-free operation of all 3DR-powered copters and planes from any Android smartphone or tablet.

b. Open Source App-Controlled Camera for Existing Drones – this one is by Percepto, an Israeli start-up company. Successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo earlier this year, Percepto is looking to fast-track things with its Computer Vision attachment, a black box wighing 140 g (5 oz) that houses a processing unit based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 and a camera that shoots 640 x 480 video at 120 fps. With Percepto’s mounts, Computer Vision can be affixed to DJI Phantom drones along with its Spreading Wings line, 3DRobotics’ Iris+ and X8 and certain Walkera models. The thinking is that with the help of enthusiastic developers, Computer Vision can be used to expand the functionality of these drones through running any number of apps…”

Drones that can be used for uav aerial photography services will surely benefit from having this app installed.

c. In relation to drone apps, something positive is afoot with regards to FAA ‘s outlook on drone use. Earlier this month, FAA announced a drone program called “Pathfinder,” in which three companies including CNN will test the use of unmanned aircraft system for commercial purposes.[…] While the bigger FAA announcement was aimed at commercial drone users, the administration also unveiled a small initiative for hobbyists. The new “B4UFLY” smartphone app is designed to help average drone users know if it’s safe and legal to fly an unmanned craft in their location of choice. – Read more here:

The “B4UFLY” smartphone app is surely going to be one drone app that every drone owner/user should have. As quoted by the article above, “We want to make sure hobbyists and modelers know where it is and isn’t okay to fly,” Huerta said in a prepared statement. With careless drone flying occuring rather more frequently these days, this should be a must-have drone app for all drone users.

d. Erle-Copter is said to be the 1st drone with apps powered by Ubuntu. With Erle-Copter’s Ubuntu edition one can install drone apps (behaviors) using any device with a browser connected to the drone. Programming drone apps is done through the Robot Operating System (ROS). – Read more here:

These are just some of the drone apps that help make your favorite flying gadget stay connected with you. More on this in future posts.


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