Nepal Disaster Creates Need for Drones Relief Use

The recent tragedy in Nepal has created a need for the use of drones in search-and-rescue operations.

Just a few days back, a New Zealand team contracted by the World Bank to provide drone footage of cyclone devastated Vanuatu believe the technology could change how disaster is managed. – Read more here:

Drone for Search and Rescue Operation

A member of the  NYCDUG has called for drone use in damage assessment and search-and-rescue effort in the ongoing relief operations in Nepal. Certainly, not just anyone with a drone can help, but the experts and more professional among drone users/makers who have the technology and capability can coordinate with authorities and drone groups with such mission, such as the Humanitarian UAV Network. Professionalism, safe handling  and proper coordination is most essential in times like this to prevent mishaps with other aircraft in the affected areas.

Indeed, the benefits of using civilian drones for saving lives cannot be discounted, and hopefully can inspire the advancement of drone technologies towards this end. In an article written earlier this year, it is said that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for humanitarian work in developing countries is already happening. When medical nonprofit M̩decins Sans Fronti̬res, or Doctors Without Borders, set up a tuberculosis diagnosis station in Papua New Guinea in May, one of its first calls was to Silicon Valley-based UAV firm Matternet. РRead more here:

Drones have fascinated hobbyists and professional photographers alike, especially as a great tool in providing amazing aerial photography services. This feature of drones to take photos and videos can be of great help in disaster areas as these footage can guide those on the ground.


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