Capture Stunning Film Footages with Aerigon Drone

Here’s one friendly drone  – not for the battlefield – but a powerful and expensive weapon that’s amazing: the Aerigon drone which professional cinematographers can use to capture stunning film footage.

Aerigon Drone

Brain Farm, based in Jackson, Wyoming, recently unveiled what it called “the latest weapon” in its arsenal of cinematic technology. The weapon comprises a Phantom Flex4K high-speed digital camera (which costs $99,000 to $159,900, depending on configuration) attached to a juiced-up version of an Aerigon drone ($50,000). That costly rig fulfilled Brain Farm CEO Curt Morgan’s dream of getting superb slow-motion images from the sky. Read more:

Watch the impressive footage here:

The company (which has done work for clients like Nike and Mercedes) said it’s been dreaming of getting the Flex4K into the air ever since it arrived. The problem is that it weighs in at a bulky 14 pounds without a lens, putting it outside the lifting capacity of most UAVs. To pull it off, Brain Farm teamed with Swedish drone maker Intuitive Aerial, known for its Black Armored Drone. They boosted the power output of the company’s $50,000 or so Aerigon drone system by 40 percent so it could handle the 30 pounds of a fully-rigged, $100,000 Phantom Flex4K.  Read more here:

Drones indeed are great for filmmaking and for providing amazing aerial photography services.


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