International Drone Day Is Coming

Interest in drones continues to surge, for recreational purposes as well as for commercial usage (still largely subject for final go-ahead from FAA),  its popularity keeps soaring, yet they still carry the stigma of being associated with the deadly drones used in warfare. Hence, drone events meant to create a more wholesome, life-enhancing image have become a popular recourse for drone aficionados.

One such drone event is the upcoming International Drone Day , held each year on the second Saturday of March, and which for this year, is going to be held on March 14, 2015 with Las Vegas being this year’s host city, according to its website.


The people behind this event want to make sure Drones are seen in a positive light. Drones are good and can be used for many good purposes: movie making, search and rescue, police work, architecture, inspections, emergency response, and for just having fun, and so the purpose of the International Drone Day — tell the world all about this.

Thus, it is also the goal of this event to have as many Newspapers, blogs, TV News, Magazines, and groups to see drones being used for good.

There are many groups or meetups that have sprung around the country, so participants can join with their members and decide on a place to observe this day. Even solo drone flyers can just have fun and fly on their own, but all are enjoined to do so safely and responsibly.

For this event, the New York City Drone Users Group (NYCDUG), led by their president Steve Cohen, is going to hold it on the same Saturday, March 14,  from 2pm -5pm at the Veteran’s Memorial Park.

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Speaking of other drone events, the New York City Drone Film Festival was recently held on March 7, and sponsored by the NBC News. The film festival was founded by Randy Scott Slavin, director, landscape photographer, and aerial cinematographer, whose aim was to change the negative perceptions of drones: “I’m tired of drones being synonymous with questionable legality and FAA regulation. I want to celebrate the art of aerial cinematography”

Drone enthusiasts with interests in drone photography services likewise are eager to showcase their special art and recreation, and many join meetups such as the NYCDUG, which also successfully put up a Day After NYCDFF Fly-In on March 8, as a way to wrap the first ever Drone Film Festival. Steve Cohen said, in his State of NYCDUG message sent to members, I’m really proud that NYCDUG is a part of the Drone scene as it develops. Our members continue to demonstrate how a community like ours can accomplish great things. 


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