FAA Okays Amazon Drone Test Flights

Amazon’s vision to bring its delivery drones to the US may become a reality after all, with the granting by FAA permission to experiment with drones at an outdoor facility in Washington state under a different set of federal rules, Reuters reported.

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A report by OppTrends says that on 19th March 2015 the FAA awarded e-commerce mogul airworthiness certificate to conduct research and development, as well as crew training; – this giving permission to Amazon to start testing drones in the US. This response was concluded after Amazon threatened to take operations overseas if their request was knocked back. Amazon’s drone plans were made known back in December 2013. Read more here:

In addition to the clearance granted, SD Times reported “…Amazon must also ensure their drone operations remain within the pilot’s and observer’s line of sight, and the pilot must have a private pilot’s certificate and medical certification. In addition, Amazon must provide monthly data to the FAA such as number of flights conducted, pilot duty time per flight, and any unusual software or hardware malfunctions. Read more at:

Apart from Amazon, photographers wanting to exploit the commercial use of drones for aerial photography services are also awaiting the green light from the FAA.


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