Drone Flew Near News Choppers

An alarming incident occurred as a hobby drone was recently spotted flying near news helicopters and way above the required limit set by the FAA. The incident is currently being investigated.

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According to a report by the KOMO News,  the Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation after a helicopter crew spotted a drone flying just a few feet above KOMO’s AIR 4. AIR 4 was covering a fire in Pierce County Monday when the incident happened. Read more here:

This is part of the report by Graham Johnson of KIRO TV:

Moments before the drone buzzed the KOMO/KING helicopter, Chopper 7’s pilot saw it about 50 feet above his own blades, a dangerous scenario because the vortex from the blades can cause objects above to be sucked into the helicopter.

“He went from near our helicopter to very near the other helicopter,” said Crueger, who operates the camera in the helicopter’s back seat. “Either helicopter contacting this toy would have been catastrophic.”

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According to the same news above, KIRO-TV Chief Photographer Scott Crueger guessed that the drone was flying about 1,500 feet.

It will be recalled that a drone crashed on the White House grounds — among many other drone mishaps that have occurred. With the popularity and uses of drones skyrocketing high, the number of collisions due to bad drone piloting has soared as well, much to the dismay and concern of the entire consumer drone community in the country, for incidents like this may kill the growing drone industry before it is even fully able to take off.

Among these avid drone users are aerial photographers who see the awesome benefits of drone photography services, for real estate marketing, wedding events and other commercial purposes, as well as for private family occasions.

Meanwhile, regarding the White House drone incident, news say that charges won’t be pressed against that drone operator. Read about it here and here.

The Droneologist, staunch advocate of responsible, safe drone piloting, believes in strict enforcement of safety rules for drones users. “Even with clear policies in place, if there are no standard implementation, incidents like this will continue,” publisher James Davis said. Hence, he highly supports drone users groups such as the NYCDUG, for their self-policing activities, discouraging reckless drone pilots through constant meetups and drone events.

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