Computer Vision for Drones by Percepto

The Israeli team Percepto has devised Computer Vision, a contraption designed to allow drone users to add new functionality to their existing drones, which currently is available through their campaign on Indiegogo. This is surely great for aerial photographers venturing into  drone photography services as a hobby or potential business.

Percepto Computer Vision Platform

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The Computer Vision is a “plug-and-play” add-on that its makers hope to bring endless apps potential to drones, according to the site. The ongoing price now is $399 for 1 Percepto for consumer or developer use, and comes with 1 Percepto camera and the necessary mounts. For added features and perks, prices go up the ladder. Estimated delivery is October 2015, and the retail price then will be $599. If you wish to support the project, membership price goes $35USD.

What can Computer Vision do? These are what the team promises backers/buyers they will get:

– Super intuitive ‘follow-me’ feature

– Professional video footage at the touch of a button

– Aerial games including dogfights and augmented reality playgrounds

– Flexible gimbals for drones

– Regular apps updates from the Perfecto Marketplace

One unique feature of Computer Vision s that being a “plug-and-play” add-on, it can be accessible for professional and consumer drones. In addition, it is designed specifically for drone integration especially for consumer drones. Awesome, indeed. Thus, for those interested, catch the campaign which still has 17 days more to go before it ends.

So far, the campaign has garnered 101% funding with a total of $60,472 USD, exceeding its $60,000 goal, all this from 196 people in 13 days. Hobbyists exploiting the idea, or already indulging in the use of drones for aerial photo services for family and friends on special occasions will certainly benefit from joining the “open-source ecosystem” made possible through Computer Vision.


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