AIR 2015: World’s 1st Drone Circus

AIR 2015  promises to be a drone event like no other. It is touted to be the world’s first ever drone circus, combining drone technology and aerial entertainment at its best.

The world’s first drone circus is going to be held in the Netherlands, where aerial robots equipped with lasers and projectors will spin in dizzying dances across the Amsterdam Arena. The AIR 2015 show is scheduled to take place this year with hundreds of drones lined up to fill the venue. Read more here:

Drone Aerial Show

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Fjuze, the organizer of the AIR 2015 event, says the “show reaches a new level in entertainment where visitors will be immersed into 3D effects instead of standard 2D experience, proving that innovation is sensational and nothing is impossible!” Some of the events include “a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions, and most of all magic from hundreds of drones.” Read more:

The show is said to be in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. How different it still is in the USA where drones for commercial use, such as for aerial photo services are still curtailed by government restrictions.

However, drone events such as the recent New York City Drone Film Festival and the Day After NYCDFF Fly-In prove to be useful ways to spread the good things drones can do.

The use of drone technology for entertainment has also been in the works for Disney theme parks. Last year, it was reported that Disney [was] exploring the use of drones in its theme parks which could be used for aerial light displays, holding projection screens and suspending and controlling large, animated 3D puppets. Read more here:

One of the applications is for a multi-drone system that would hold aloft a projection screen for a nighttime display. Such a display would utilize what Disney calls “flixels,” which is an Imagineer word creation for “floating pixels,” according to the background information Disney submitted. See more here:

Drone enthusiasts and advocates for safe, responsible use of drones welcome such activities, as they help erase any negative impression associated with drones.


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