No-Fly Zone Service for Drone Haters

Drone haters need worry no more. Now there is an online service put up by a consortium of small drone makers which allows individuals to put up a no-flying zone around and above their properties.

Although the legion of drone lovers keeps growing, still a great number of people remain wary of unmanned aerial vehicles, fearful that drones may invade their privacy and personal space. Such fear may be concomitant with a negative perception that all drones are like the military’s killer drones. lets you register your address online, letting drone manufacturers and fliers know that their machines are not welcome near your business or home, according to a report from TechCrunch. When you enter your address, the website creates a geo-fence that No Fly Zone relays to drone software and hardware manufacturers. The hope is that drone makers will write these boundaries into their software, so that drones won’t be able to fly where you don’t want them to. Read more at:

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The extent of the no-fly zone is up to each drone maker, but Marcus is recommending it extends 500 feet (152 meters) around each property—something that would ground drone flights from neighboring houses as well. Marcus (Ben, operator of said the 500-foot range was chosen because it would protect houses and gardens from drone photography even if the aircraft was flown several hundred feet in the air. Read more at:

Privacy concerns among the general public are valid, but many drone users, such as those promoting the use of drones for aerial photo services, are in fact, responsible in their use of their flying machines, abiding by the flight limit set by the FAA. As James of The Dronelologist says, “”I think the new technology introduced by private sector DJI and others represents an industry whose self- regulating community come together, without the need for government to come in and over-regulate it. Let’s wait and see how this private sector solution will equally address those with privacy concerns and those drone enthusiasts. This private solution website is like the “do not call” list for telemarketers. And remember, drones don’t spy on people, people spy on people.”


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