GimBall Drone Wins at Drones for Good

A new generation of drones were unleashed at the “Drones for Good” international competition held in Dubai on February 7, and the one that bested them all was the GimBall Drone.

For drones to really be useful, they’ll need to be able to manage the world around them. That could mean harnessing advanced sensors and sophisticated computer vision to help drones detect and avoid obstacles. Or it could mean turning them into flying beach balls and letting ‘em bounce around willy nilly. That’s the basic idea behind the GimBall, which recently won $1 million in a drone competition sponsored by the UAE. Created by Swiss startup Flyability, it’s designed to find victims in disaster areas. Read more at:

GimBall Drone for Search and Rescue Mission

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The GimBall drone beat out 39 other entries over the two-day event, and Flyability hopes to turn it into a product within a year, reported.  The Drones for Good hosted by the United Arab Emirates government aimed to bring greater publicity to and boost the research and development of drones for civilian applications, and with a huge turnout from 57 countries, and the 19 semi-finalists spanned six continents, it (signified) the appeal of drones as a unitary solution for diverse problems. Read more at:

So it is with the GimBall in times of disasters, such as a building fire. Surrounding the GimBall’s drone core is a spherical cage which serves three purposes: letting it roll along the wall or ceiling, keeping the device’s propellers away from your skin, and absorbing shock to keep the device in the air. The cage is held in place by a multi-axis gimbal system (thus the “GimBall” name), allowing the cage to rotate and roll indepedently of the propeller/camera rig at its core. See more here:


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