FAA Document Leaked; New Rules Out Soon

Drone advocates around the country have been frustrated by the long delay in the issuance of updated FAA rules that will govern the use of small drones and allow for their integration into a airspace. Now, hope rises as news of a leaked information from FAA went viral, and many appreciate the progress, offering their own insights as well.

Based on information gathered from a leaked FAA document regarding its economic analysis of the proposed regulations for small drones, the FAA is set to release regulations that will impose a minimal burden on businesses, paving the way for integration of drones into the national airspace, according to an article by Gregory S. McNeal, a Forbes contributor. He also wrote the analysis also indicates that ensuring that the potential of drones can be realized will be a key driver behind the final regulations.

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However, McNeal also puts out a caution lest everyone thinks that what has been leaked is already the official stand of the FAA:  It’s possible this is a leaked draft that has since been revised or is otherwise incomplete or inaccurate.

Nevertheless, based on that document, the situation looks promising, as it suggests the FAA has decided to adopt a “minimally burdensome rule” for drones. In fact the term “minimal regulatory burden” or a variant thereof is a key theme throughout the document. 

Read more on the insights gleaned from the supposedly FAA economic analysis document here:

The FAA has just issued a media advisory the DOT and FAA will be announcing the new rules for unmanned aircraft systems.

Certainly most eagerly awaiting these rules are drone users who see the huge economic potential for drone photography services. Indeed this is good news says James of The Droneologist, and he agrees  with serious drone advocates that training is of utmost importance for commercial drone operators. Their drone piloting skills need to be determined and verified, otherwise mishaps by a few untrained flyers will ruin the prospects for those who are dong their best to man their drones safely.


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