The Easy Drone, Succesfully-Funded Project

One drone project that was successfully funded along with several others through a Kickstarter campaign last year is the Easy Drone, the first modular plug-and-fly aerial solution. Such is the beauty of collaboration and community.

The Easy Drone is an advanced, modular quadcopter designed for videographers that need quick, easy and affordable aerial shots. It is also easy to transport and set up without requiring tools; Easy Drone, indeed. Drone users indulging in drone photography services as a hobby or a sideline business will find this drone a useful addition to their valuable collection.

The Easy Drone

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The makers of Easy Drone, Ivan Stamatovski and his team, of  New York, New York, challenged existing design patterns and the result is taking drone design to a whole new level. Not only that, he made sure all the features he wanted were already built into the aircraft:

  • wireless video
  • on screen display
  • telemetry
  • gimbal control
  • camera power

The Kickstarter campaign for this project ran for 60 days and garnered an overwhelming support from 109 backers, with $45,627 pledged, exceeding its $20,000 goal. Providers of aerial photo services can benefit a lot with this semi-pro drone and make it their standard piece of equipment in shooting amazing aerial videos and photos, for the Easy Drone was¬† developed to offer a modular solution for professional videographers and a fresh approach to drone design. Here are some reasons the Easy Drone is a better choice, according to the maker’s Kickstarter site:

  • ease of transportation and deployment
  • flexibility in terms of lift power (different cameras) and maneuverability
  • certain features¬†(like wireless video)¬†built-in, not added-on
  • and you certainly DON’T want to deal with wires

The drone comes in three packages:  Ready-to-Fly Package L  Р$895;  Ready-to-Fly Package XL Р$1095; and Ultimate Ready-to-Fly Package Р$1495. The team has so far made more improvements on the Easy Drone, and has regularly been sharing guidelines and checklist for easy, safe flying.


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