Dronies Bring Selfies to New High

Dronies, or drone-shot selfies, are set to make their mark in 2015.  Not entirely new, but the concept is fast catching on with drone enthusiasts, helping bring the popular selfie shots to amazing new high

One guy from Texas is surely making that happen.

Alex Chacon is attempting to capitalize on his viral selfie video “Around the World in 360 Degrees” with a new project in which he uses drones to snap selfies across Mexican state Veracruz. The 27-year-old Austin native has traveled more than 125,000 miles around the world and raises attention for various local charitable causes on his website. He told the Daily News when he toured Veracruz and saw all of the different landscapes, he knew the video could be special. Read more at:

Check out this interesting video:

Amazing shots indeed when a selfie is taken by a drone, a much cooler option than taking a selfie through your phone, for the dramatic, unique angles you can have, allowing you to have more fun with your dronies no amount of photoshop will be able to match.

A Dronie Shot

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This new way of taking photos, and a great booster for providers of aerial photography services, gained a lot of attraction at the Consumers Electronics Show last January where drone manufacturers displaying all manner of consumer drones – most of which were about the size of a basketball or slightly smaller. What they had in common was a desire to appeal beyond the hobbyist, to the consumer who may want a new way of taking photos of themselves or others in action. Read more at:


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