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The Droneologist is a news-gathering site on anything related to drones. It provides interesting news about the latest in drone technology and drone products, legal stories and features articles as well.
Its publisher, James H. Davis, president-owner of the online diversity job board,, is an avid drone enthusiast enthralled with the use of drones in aerial photography, especially in the field of real estate marketing.

Sometime last year, The Droneologist ran a series of articles highlighting the advantages and the huge potential for business of capturing breathtaking photos through a drone camera:
Benefits of Using Drone Photos vs. Google Earth Images
Drone Photography for Real Estate Marketing A Better Choice
Drone Photos versus Google Earth Images

The Droneologist is a strong advocate for responsible, safe drone piloting. James Davis often reiterates the need for drone users, mostly novice flyers and hobbyists, to be trained well in the handling of their drone machines, and to always abide by legal rules set by authorities. In fact, he supports the idea of joining groups, such as the New York City Drone User Group (NYCDUG), in order to learn from other drone users, enjoy flying with them, and widen their experience in drone piloting.

Dismissing the fears of some that drones increase the risk of privacy breach, James Davis stresses that, “Drones don’ t spy on people; people spy on people.”

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