Drone Waiters for Singapore Restaurants

From war machines to flying toys to awesome UAVs for aerial photography services, delivery of goods & news, farming, police operations, search-and-rescue, among others, drones have shown its versatility. Now, it looks like drones may soon invade Singapore’s popular restaurant scenes, as drone waiters to fill in Singapore’s service staff gap.

UPI reports that Singapore has a shortage of waiters for its restaurants, so one company is proposing using drones to fill in for servers. Infinium Robotics says its drones can operate without a controller, using a computer program, and sensors around the restaurant can help the drones navigate, the BBC reported. The drones can allegedly carry over 4 lbs. of food and drink, which is “two pints of beer, a pizza, and two glasses of wine.” Read more here:

Drone Waiter by Infinum Robotics at Timbre Restaurant, Singapore

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The drone waiters – Infinium-Serve – were piloted at Timbre, a Singapore-based restaurant franchise. Edward Chia, managing director of Timbre Group told Channel News Asia: “If I ask one of my waiters to deliver food and drinks from point A to point B – normal human mentality is that they would want to walk as little as possible, so they would carry as much things as possible in the one trip. “With the Infinium-Serve, we can make multiple trips with a lower payload. We can get the food out – fresher and faster.” Read more here:

At this point though, these drone servers will have to undergo more tweaking, as the Infinium Robotics is currently investing in more silent models as its current drone range runs too loudly for conventional use in restaurants, the same news above continues.

Infinium Robotics are not the pioneers in this type of unmanned aircraft. Last year, a flying sushi service tray known as the “itray”, created using miniature remote-controlled helicopter rotor blades, was introduced at a London restaurant. Read more at:

Meanwhile, in China,  Alibaba also launched their own delivery drones. Last week, the e-commerce firm’s online marketplace TaoBao was reportedly going  to deliver 450 bundles of Shou Quanzha ginger tea to consumers within the hour they are ordered, reports Tech in Asia. Read more at:

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