Drone Lobbyists Fights Against FAA Rules

Drone lobbyists are set to fight against the newly proposed FAA drone rules some of which are deemed unnecessary.

Businesses hoping to capitalize on the commercial potential of drones are preparing to push back against proposed regulations that would strictly limit how the aircraft can be used. During a 60-day public comment period on the rules, lobbyists representing a range of industries, from Internet giants Amazon.com Inc and Google Inc to aerospace firms and the news media, say they will try to convince regulators that cutting-edge technologies make some of the limitations proposed last week by the Federal Aviation Administration unnecessary. Read more at:

At the same time, the drone industry still faces a lot of challenges from other fronts. A report by the USA Today says that New York City Council Member Dan Garodnick wants drones banned from the Big Apple: “There are a lot of very important uses for drones that exist, but until we have the ability to enforce the rules, we are not at a point to grant permission,” Garodnick told USA TODAY.

Then there is the recent mysterious nighttime sightings of drones over at Paris, contributing more to the cloud of fear regarding drones in general, even if reports say that the French government itself has not considered any of these as security risk for now.


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LA Times reported the French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll told journalists Wednesday that the drones weren’t considered a security risk. “There is nothing to worry about,” he told a news briefing.

Photographer Jonathan Atkin who uses drones to take pictures around Europe and across the USA, and an active member of the New York City Drone Users Group (NYCDUG) did his best to put a “responsible, safe, accountable face on the issues” in an interview with CNN, appearing on the Erin Burnette OUT FRONT show, in a segment on drones and photography. He stressed that most drone operators are responsible, following evolving aviation law: “We are not interested in creating fear; we are not interested in invasion of privacy; we are looking at photographers for those peaceful pictures you can’t get from any other vehicle, ” he said. You may watch his interview here.

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