Critics: Delivery Drones Must Stay Grounded

The proposed FAA rules on the use of drones for commercial purposes make clear delivery drones must stay grounded; Amazon understandably is not happy with that. However, critics believe delivery drones, including the much-planned Amazon drones, must stay grounded.

Scott H Robb, Director of the Communications Research Institute (CRI) and author of the Television/Radio Age Communications Coursebook was asked for his views on the efficacy of Drone delivery services. He commented,“ In light of the announced outlines of federal policies being designed to regulate drone use, clearly the concept of using drones for product deliveries is impractical and infeasible. Stated simply, drone delivery is an idea whose time will never come.” Mr. Robb also observed, “Clearly, federal policy, which will pre-empt all other state and local regulations, will restrict the size, flight capabilities and operating parameters of all Drones, whether used for commercial or recreational applications.” Read more here:

Amazon Delivery Drone

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Another opinion article, by the Independent, agrees with the above view and presents its own analysis on why Amazon delivery drones are most unlikely to take off.

  • a drone smaller than a car isn’t very strong; once it has picked up its battery, which it sort of has to, most of its load-bearing capacity is gone;
  • using autopilot at altitude works because there are no man-made obstacles at 40,000ft. At ground level, not so much;
  • Third, if drones are to be capable of delivering your “must have now” item within half an hour, as Amazon claims, there would have to be a drone port in every neighbourhood;
  • Delivery drones are a dangerous thing.
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Meanwhile, drone enthusiasts eager to include drones as tools for providing uav aerial photography services welcome the proposed new regulations of the FAA.

“It felt like Christmas,” said Terry Kilby, who is co-owner of the Baltimore aerial photography company Elevated Element and who listened in on the FAA’s conference call announcing the rules. “This is something we’ve been waiting for for years. There were a lot of predictions one way or another; people felt the first set of rules would be much more strict.” Small-drone operators around the region have been shooting aerial pictures for real estate agents, mapping land for developers, even shooting video for documentaries. See more at:


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