A Spy Drone in Town

Drones are generating a lot of interest as well as concerns regarding its use, particularly in the area of privacy, and there is this newly created drone that does just that –  hacks WiFi networks, listens to calls. It’s small. It’s bright yellow, and it’s capable of cracking Wi-Fi passwords, eavesdropping on your cell phone calls and reading your text messages. It’s an unmanned spy drone and it just landed in Washington, D.C. Long-time friends and former Air Force buddies, Mike Tassey and Rich Perkins, describe their state-of-the-art cyber drone as hard to take down, hard to see and virtually hard to detect. Read more here:

Before anyone raises a howl against it, let us see what the creators intend to do with it. Both Mike Tassey and Rich Perkins, both creative security experts, designed and built this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in their garage using off-the-shelf electronics, with the intention of proving that a drone could be used to launch a cyber-attack. See here

Listen to an interview with them by the SpyMuseum here, and get “a unique insight in to the covert world of espionage.”

Clearly the intention of the creators of the spy drone is to show how such technology could be used in a sinister way, yet it is good to be aware. As the article above quotes Rich Perkins, “If two guys from the Midwest can build this for six-thousand dollars in a garage, what can Iran do? What can nation states do?”  Or what can some crazed individual/s do?



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