Drug-Carrying Drone Crashed in Mexico

This is the kind that gives nightmares to authorities, when civilian drones are used for illicit activities, such as delivering prohibited items. The FAA currently bans drones in general to be used for profit, only for fun and even using drones for aerial photo services for a profit is likewise not yet allowed.

It has so far permitted only 13 companies to operate drones commercially, including an estate agent in Tucson, Arizona, and a Washington state firm making crop-monitoring drones. The operators must hold Private Pilot licences, and the drones must remain within line of sight. Read more here:

However, some private drone users have strange ideas what fun is all about –


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BBC news reported about a drone carrying illegal drugs has crashed near a US border crossing in Mexico. The quadcopter carrying 3kg (6.6lb) of methamphetamine was found in pieces in a supermarket car park near San Ysidro. Mexican police said the drone had probably crashed because the drugs onboard had been too heavy for it. They added that drones were increasingly being used to ferry illicit items across the border with the US. Read more here

“The drone had packages taped to it and was covered with plastic bags containing the drug known as crystal”, the local police chief said. Authorities are investigating where the flight originated, who controlled it and where it was bound for. See more here

For serious drone hobbyists, many of whom have banded into communities such as the NYDUG, this is a matter of concern as well, for any reckless as well as illegal use of personal drones may adversely affect the growing consumer drone industry, and may all the more cause the FAA put undue limitations and restrictions on their drone use.



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