TGI Fridays Mobile Mistletoe Drones Bring Love in the Air

While most restaurants think of doing their holiday promos through special dishes, rates and shows, TGI Fridays brings its promotional campaign to a higher level – up in the air. That is right, and nothing beats bringing holiday cheers through its Mobile Mistletoe Drones hovering over their customers to elicit kisses between targeted diners, especially couples.

TGI Fridays Mobile Mistletoe Drones will touch down in New York on Thursday in Brooklyn — one day after the aerial love machine was successfully deployed in Westbury, Long Island. The fir was flying – and so were the kisses – as the mistletoe drone reached its target over two co-workers, a New York Daily News article reports.

The mistletoe drones may even give aerial photo services a run for their money: Not only does the copter encourage hookups, but it carries a camera that flashes the resulting spit swap onto a big screen TV, the article continues.

However, there are reservations about the mistletoe drones because of the cameras: As a result, some customers could see the danger in this somewhat forced use of carnal knowledge. “Some people might be on a date with their side chick and wouldn’t want their face up on the screen,” said Waterbury native Billy Casseus, 20. “I’m keeping it PG.”

A related report on this said that perhaps to avoid legal action, TGI Fridays’ US division is positioning this stunt as more of a social media promotion than a straightforward encouragement to kiss. Couples that kiss under the mistletoe will be given gift cards. But those not able to make it into the restaurant will still have a chance to win: “[C]ouples on social media have a chance to win a gift card by posting a dedicated photo of a smooch under their own mistletoe, using the hashtag #happyfridayholiday.” Why the PDA push? TGI Fridays labels itself as the original “singles bar.” Read more here:

Will these drones run afoul of the FAA?  The above report by the New York Daily News quoted the pilot David Quinones as saying: “It’s a little tricky to fly over the bar, but I’ve been practicing,” said Quinones. “I’m basically getting paid to fly a toy around.”

The program is an extension of the pilot program launched at the TGI Fridays Manchester Royal Exchange restaurant in the United Kingdom. Fridays, which was one of the first singles bars in New York, decided to launch the program after learning that few adults have actually kissed under the mistletoe. Read more here:

Perhaps those quietly providing drone photography services can join in the fun, but more importantly is to ensure “no drones should ever be flown carelessly and too close over people, especially in closed spaces such as restaurants and risk injuring both lives and property,” James Davis, publisher of The Droneologist said.



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