Safety Tips for Drone Users from FAA

Now that private consumer drones will surely fly from all directions, due mainly to the number of drones gifted this Christmas, the FAA is making sure that new drone users “stay off the naughty list” by issuing safety tips.

The new near-ubiquity of the flying machines, which have already been reported landing on roofs and in trees, crashing into buildings and people, and even having some close calls with airplanes, have industry groups so concerned they teamed up with the FAA to produce a safety video called “Know Before You Fly,” UT San Diego reports. Some of the recommendations for flying safely include taking a lesson, flying with local clubs and staying away from airports and stadiums.

The same report also says that the best seller in Amazon was the DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter, which sells for about $1,000, a drone much in demand by those interested in uav aerial photography services.

Personal drones were a popular Christmas gift this year, but many of their recipients failed to fly their new toys successfully. Occassionally, personal drones and their owners’ steep learning curves have caused the flying contraptions to spin out of control and break things or injure people. Read more

Meanwhile, The Obama administration is about to propose long-awaited rules for commercial drone operations in U.S. skies, but key decisions on how much access to grant drones are likely to come from Congress next year. “We need some sort of process that allows some of the low-risk operations,” said Jesse Kallman, the head of regulatory affairs for Airware, a drone technology company backed by Google Ventures. “I think Congress understands that and hopefully they’ll take steps in the coming year to address that.” Read more here

It is easy to imagine the thrill of receiving a drone for a gift and being able to fly it in a few minutes, yet it is just as scary to think of the kind of mishaps that can happen at the hands of untrained eager beaver drone pilots.


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