Proposed Drone Bill by NYC Lawmaker

The enjoyment of flying drones by drone hobbyists and professionals, such as those providing aerial photography services  is being dampened and compromised by some reckless users who seem to take safety concerns for granted, thus resulting in several drone mishaps. To address this grave issue, a proposed bill regulating their use has been presented by a NYC lawmaker.

According to the NY Daily News, City Councilman Paul Vallone sees the need for New York City to enact no-fly zones for drones.

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City Councilman Paul Vallone will introduce a bill Wednesday that would ban drones within 5 miles of an airport or close to schools and hospitals. Under the proposed legislation, drones would also be prohibited from having weapons or being used for surveillance. Read more here

However, while “within 5 miles of an airport” is clear enough, “close to schools and hospitals” seems arbitrary and not so specific that proper enforcement could be a problem.

Just recently, the holiday promo by TGI Fridays using its drone-carrying mistletoe hurt one journalist-photographer covering the promo at the at the Sheepshead Bay restaurant, it got bloody when a drone “flew out of control” and hit the paper’s photographer in the face. See more here

Thus, the proposed legislation seeks to benefit everyone in helping weed out irresponsible drone piloting. However, it remains to be seen how the proposal will sit with  professional drone users, for though they have always advocated safe, responsible drone use, they would certainly not favor too much restrictions that may potentially hamper the fledgling drone technology from progressing as much as it should.

This also goes true for James Davis, publisher of The Droneologist, who has always stressed, “it is not drones that cause accidents, but the careless pilots controlling them, but any drone regulations should be well-defined, well-thought, and promote the advancement of drone technology.”


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