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Creativity knows no bounds, and it is interesting to note the many drone projects that are being put up on crowdfunding sites, such as on Kisckstarter and Indiegogo, some of which have been featured here on The Droneologist. In this article, we give you an update on the status of each of those featured crowdfunded drone projects, via Kickstarter.

A. Ongoing Drone Project

1. Mind4, World’s First Android Based Smart Drone, by Airmind, which is said to use computer vision to follow its subject, has been so far 14% funded, with $14,460 pledged and 13 days to go until December 23.  As mentioned in a previous post, Mind4 Project: The World’s Smart Drone, this drone may be a good one to try for those who would like to level up their drone photography services.

B. Successfully Funded Drone Projects

1. The Sirens Project (UAV Tornado Research), put up to further understand tornado dynamics in order to save lives and properties. It was successfully funded early in November, 111%  with $11,111 pledged. The home base of this project is Atlanta, GA.

See also: The Sirens Project: Creating Drones for Tornado Research

2. DJI Phantom 1 & 2 Landing Gear, by J. Cobb, based in Ashland, Springfield, MO. It was successfully funded early in November, too, 180% with $2,707 received in pledges.

See: RETRAX: Retractable Landing Gear for DJI Phantom 1 & 2

C. Unsuccessful Funding

1. WingBoard – Carve the Sky, by Aaron Wypyszynski, of Hunstville, AL, aimed to lend aerial sports with a special drone that would combine the thrill of wakeboarding and skydiving, was not able to reach its goal of $32,000 in funds, and funding ended on the 1st day of November.

See: WingBoard Project – An Aerial Sport Drone in the Making

2.  Hover Car, by Jeremy of Sacramento, CA, is another drone project that did not get its funding goal of  $100,000. Small wonder, for the concept is way impractical, and most drone users do value functionality, feasibility and fun.

See: The Hover Car Drone Project

3. “B” Flying Car – the dream of its maker was to create a futuristic version of the 1st B Flying Car which was successfully funded last year. Unlike last year’s “B” Flying Car, this innovative version failed to get its funding goal of £25,000.

See: B Flying Car – A Futuristic Drone

While not all drone projects can take flight, the dream goes on for creative minds, but one thing is clear, according to James Davis, publisher of The Droneologist: “drones that can be useful in business and provide fun as well, such as for aerial photography services, and those that promote human progress, such as drones for scientific research, gain more attraction and support from drone enthusiasts.”


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