FAA, Drone Groups, in Safety Campaign

The soaring demand for consumer drones is shown more than ever this Christmas season, and the problem with drones is they have become too popular – as far as the FAA, and serious drone users groups are concerned, and the fear, or grave concern these drones raise is their getting into the wrong hands, thus, they have come together in a safety campaign.

The Verge reported that one of the most popular items under the tree this year is likely to have four rotors and a camera. The FAA even released a video this week that proposes best practices to help people “stay off the naughty list” as they play with their airborne gifts. See here:

The Federal Aviation Administration joined with drone industry groups and others this week to launch a safety initiative aimed at unmanned aerial systems, which have become one of the hottest holiday gifts this season, according to companies such as Amazon and Best Buy. “The low cost and relatively simple operation make drones appealing gifts for tech junkies, teenagers and others. “Over the next five days or so, you’re going to have tens of thousands of 10-year-old to 90-year-old people that are going to have this capability, being exposed to it. And we want to make sure they understand how to use it in a safe and responsible way,” said Michael Toscano, president and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the drone industry’s largest trade group. Read more here:

In a related news, a Christmas Tree drone is said to be causing some nightmares as well: Though Dieffenbach’s Christmas tree drone isn’t as shocking as other drone-powered artworks of note — like, say. Bart Jansen’s “Orvillecopter” — it’s the shape of the airborne conifer and its disquieting resemblance to fighter jets and actual drones used by the US military that makes the footage you’re about to see so unsettling. Read more here:

Consumer drones are indeed blazing a trail up in the skies, and among these drones are those used for aerial photography services.

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