The Age of Selfie Drones

The age of selfie drones is here, drones that are designed to take selfies. It may give those providing uav aerial photography services some form of competition.

A selfie according to Oxford is a A “photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.” It also was the chosen word of the year for 2013. This year though, the new buzzword seems to be drone selfie, or dronie – a selfie taken by a drone.

In a previous (October) post, weĀ  wrote about the world’s first wearable drone by Nixie, which at the time of writing was still in its early development stage.

It is also presently being touted as the first selfie drone in the world. It won Intel’s Make it Wearable competition last month. It aims to make taking selfies more convenient as it frees people of these constraints (the process of taking selfies with a smart phone or GoPro), making the camera “wearable, flyable, autonomous”. Read more here

The trend is catching up as another selfie drone is introduced: the Zano mini-drone. Small enough to carry around in a backpack, theĀ Zano mini-drone utilizesĀ virtual tethering with a smartphone toĀ automatically follow a user in order to take pictures or shoot high definition video. Specifically, the user can set a hold position and the Zano will automatically maintain that distance from the userā€™s smartphone as well as avoid obstacles while in follow mode. Read more:

See also this article on drone selfies.
James Davis of The Droneologist sees selfie drones becoming popular like the hobby/professionals drones, “but for special occasions and for business purposes such as real estate marketing, there will always be the drone photography services to run to for more polished, professionally-done drone photos,” he says.
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