2 Top Drone Campaigns on Indiegogo

We previously gave an update on drone projects that have been featured here on The Droneologist, Featured Drone Projects Status that were launched on Kickstarter.  In this post, we bring the 2 top drone campaigns on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, that is, they have been successfully funded, way over their initial fund goal. This must only mean outstanding products from the happy, proud drone makers.

1. PlexiDrone by DreamQii

Thanks to the stunning success of its crowdfunding efforts, quadrupling the initial goal of $100,000 and raising over $450,000 in one month on crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo, Toronto-based DreamQii is pleased to announce that it is set to bring the PlexiDrone to market this upcoming spring. The small, sophisticated and easy-to-use drone is operated by a smart phone or tablet and allows users to capture breathtaking aerial photography with unprecedented ease. The device is the first of its kind to be designed and manufactured in Canada. Leading camera retailer, Henry’s, will also carry the Canadian-made drone. Shoppers can look for the PlexiDrone in stores and online next spring. Combined sales through crowd-funding and retail agreements exceed $1M USD. Read more here:

The PlexiDrone surely made a big hit among providers of drone photography services. Over at the project’s Indiegogo site, perks are still being offered despite the closing of the successful campaign.

2. Bionic Bird, the Furtive Drone

The campaign for this “friendly, furtive civilian drone” ended late in November with $155,361USD raised of its $25,000 goal, but the makers are still asking for support from buyers by pre-ordering. According to TechCrunch, the French makers of Bionic Bird describe their creation as a “furtive drone”. Furtive because it’s biomimetic. Aka it flaps like a bird. Also,  the initial version of Bionic Bird  is basically a glorified toy — an app controlled update on the classic mechanical bird toys that have been around since the late 1960s.  But the team behind it have a roadmap to expand the bird’s capabilities and size to include finer grained control with a remote controlled tail, more stable stationary flight and, by winter 2016, a HD video camera with live retransmission — so basically a spy drone that blends in. Read more here:

Meanwhile, currently ongoing at Indiegogo is another potential success especially with drone users in aerial photo services. The campaign is for the Ghost Drone which is being launched as a drone that turns the average person into a filmmaker. Evidence of its great attraction – to date with still 27 days to go, the campaign has already received $592,145 USD pledged funds of its $100,000 goal.


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