Trimafoil Biohazard Drone Project

While most drone projects are aimed at developing better, more affordable drones, making drone technology more accessible to many, or are geared towards scientific research, some are simply too fantastic to be taken seriously, yet they earn high points for daring, spirit and vision.

One such project on Kickstarter is the Trimafoil Biohazard – . According to its description, Trimafoil Biohazard is a vehicle that’s designed to sail in/on water, on ice/snow and on land with modules. Possible sail power flight?

In short, the Trimafoil Biohazard is envisioned to be used on different mediums – land, water, air. We just presume if indeed it can be built to fly, then it would be by remote.

So far, the project has not attracted any backers, with 25 days to go and with $0 pledged out of a $50,000 goal. The creator, Dave Humeniuk, of Belmar, NJ, says that The money I am asking for will be used to complete the prototype, mold costs, patent expenses and beta testing. Any additional moneys will go to R&D on the ski-ates and the wheels, suspension/brake systems, patents and beta testing on these. As for the Trimafoil Biohazard part its ready for rigging and testing.


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