RETRAX: Retractable Landing Gear for DJI Phantom 1 & 2

Most drone hobbyists and users are by now familiar with DJI Phantom 1 & 2, so it is expected that many among them, who are much into aerial photography or filming, are backing this particular project ongoing at Kickstarter.

No, it is not another drone being built, rather it is an innovative accessory for the DJI Phantom drones, 1 & 2: RETRAX, the retractable landing gear, a unique attachment system for the legs in relation to how they clip into the mounting plate. You can easily remove the legs just by popping them out of the mounting clip and your ready to transport! A standard Phantom size set of RETRAX weigh in at just 165 grams! They measure 9 inches long, 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

For interested backers out there, you still have 9 hours to go! The project has so far gathered 29 backers and $2,696 pledged out of the $1,500 goal.

According to the builder, Jason Cobb of Columbia, MO, Switch activated retractable landing gear will allow you use the H3-3D gimbal on your machine and know that the landing gear are not going to ruin the shot. While the legs are retracted, you will enjoy better handling and less wind drag in flight as well. They are an awesome upgrade to the standard Phantom landing gear and a must have for 3-axis gimbal users!

See for yourself and pledge to get one for your DJI Phantom, with some rewards, too.


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