Realtors Await Approval of Drone Photography Services

While awaiting the approval of FAA for their commercial use, drones for aerial photography services remain grounded. As it stands, the agency still has an additional 45 requests for exemptions to sort through. McNeal (Gregory McNeal, a law professor at Pepperdine University) believes it could take up to 18 months for the FAA to finalize how drones could be used, according to a recent article on Government Technology.

The real estate industry is one in which drone photography services are envisioned to be put into good use. Blom, the owner of Front Door Photos, says he would love to use the drone in his business, which specializes in taking photographs of homes for West Michigan real estate agents. “It produces great vantage points,” said Blom, a Holland resident who started his business one year ago. “It adds a really cool visual element to that service.” Read more

The FAA has ruled that real estate agents who fly their own drones to take pictures or videos of listings that they are not engaged in a “hobby or recreation,” and some real estate agents who fly drones to photograph listings have claimed that as long they are not charging money for the service, they qualify as hobbyists. Companies that provide drone photography or video for real estate brokers and agents will sometimes say they are charging for photo or video editing, not drone flights. See more here


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